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Chasing Innovation Technology

Chasing-Innovation Technology Co., LTD is a world-leading company in R&D, production and sales of consumer-grade underwater drones, industrial-grade underwater robots and portable smart unmanned equipment. Chasing-Innovation is a national high-tech enterprise.

We were hired to by their copywriter to bring the brand's story to life by creating illustrations for their latest Social Brand Book. Our task was to design a series of inspiring illustrations that would embody the spirit of deep sea adventure and exploration while capturing the essence of the brand's core messaging.


Below plus the banner above are a small selection of the illustrations we have created. Just like frames from a motion picture, they exude excitement and anticipation. The fine bands of lines running through each image not only capture the fluidity of the ocean but also are a nod to the advanced technology employed by Chasing's underwater drones.
aquanaught deep sea diver
Inspirational underwater drone image
Inspirational lost underwater worlds
deap sea jelly fish